Official Rules & Disclaimer

Official Rules of LiniKuis:
  1. User need to be registered by sign-up using either Facebook or Twitter
  2. LiniKuis will display two questions on Macroad Linikini screen on the Commuterline of Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta areas)
  3. First question will start at 5 AM and the second question will start at 1 PM. Both Jakarta time (GMT +7)
  4. All the questions are related to Macroad Linikini content on the screen
  5. For every correct answer, a user will get 10 points
  6. An extra 1 point will be awarded to a user who is the first to answer the question correctly
  7. Every month, user with the highest points will be awarded with IDR. 1.000.000
  8. Same winner can participate and win up to 3 times
  9. The winner will be announced on our website

  1. Apple is not involved in any way with LiniKuis contests or sweepstakes.
  2. Apple is not a sponsor, nor is it involved in any way with jeebboo contests or sweepstakes.
  3. LiniKuis does not offer Apple products as contest or sweepstake prizes.